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The voice of modern animals. In humour where available.

I like animals. A lot. And I find them to be sentient beings capable of more than they have been given credit for. I’ve seen wolves becoming friends with bears, lions enjoying the breeze, foxes bathing in the sun and whales singing in a choir. And I’ve barely scratched the surface of knowing them.

When I began this project, I did it because I love nature and I wanted to contribute to its preservation, not only by providing help for the animals in need, but also by raising awareness about important issues that include preservation of world’s flora and fauna. I decided to pick up a fight against animal cruelty, extinction of species, global pollution and other pressing issues of our generation. My principal weapon of choice is humour, mostly because it goes a long way, and it can bring an important message faster and to a bigger audience.

For now, I am starting small, by directly helping animals one print at a time. But my heart is bigger, and it will always be yearning towards something greater, something that will keep our world filled with all sorts of beautiful and happy living beings.


I travel the world and shoot cool stuff with my iPhone.