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A modern photographic fable and the voice of modern animals. In humour where available.


Humans of Animals is a concept that strives to portray a psychological idea of anthropomorphized animals and their integration into modern human society. It’s a contemporary photographical fable, written by as a series of intimate portraits designed to evolve and reveal the humanity of animals. The photographs are often taken as extreme close-ups, conceived in a way that viewers might discern the subjects more intimately, aspiring to provide a reflection of their own thoughts and feelings within the frame of the image.

The project is also an allegory of human struggle to find purpose in a disintegrating modern society ruled by technology, and it offers a humorous quest for meaning beyond superficiality of our digital zeitgeist. Humans of animals, or humanimals, are depicted as intelligent, witty and fully developed personas who are using technology and internet on a daily basis. They tweet, snapchat and tinder while having the same first world problems and existential dreads as we humans do.

Each photograph is accompained by a description that gives humanimals a name and a job, along with a complementary tweet message written by one of them. The description aspires to give humanimals a voice, and portrays them as unique individuals and characters, capable of complex thoughts and feelings – and writing tweets, of course.

Humans of Animals is also a conservatory project and it strives to raise awareness about the important questions of animals rights and their protection.


I travel the world and shoot cool stuff with my iPhone.