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Photographs painted with light and sounds.


Madrid, 2014 | Montreal, 2012 | Valognes, 2012 | Caen, 2011 | Zagreb, 2011


Ministry of culture,Croatia
Ministry of culture, France
Region Basse-Normandie, France
City of Caen, France
City of Valognes, France


Helisonographs represent subjective intervention of light into the emotional ambiance of photographed space. They use light to transform the existence of photographed moment into the emotional, establishing their own essence beyond being just a documentary imprint of the reality. At the same time, they explore the invisible and untouchable aspects of reality, revealing them by shaping light and using sound as their structural catalyst.

While using his photo camera as a brush and light as paint, the artist combines light, sounds and technology to create heliosonographs. He explores a space outside the boundaries of visible reality and recreates it through a very personal and unique approach.

Before taking a photograph, the artist constructs an installation made of different light sources – from kitchen bulbs to high tech LED light walls. He also records various sounds that are going to correspond to the theme of the photograph. The sounds are connected to the installation via computer interface and are used to put the installation in motion – they turn the lights on and off and move the installation through space.

The installation is set up in a dark room and once it’s powered on the artist takes a photograph of it by using long and multiple exposures. By using sound, he implements purpose into the essence of every abstract photograph he takes, giving it a context beyond randomness. When working in situ, the artist sometimes connects sound and light by using the interactive response of the audience through their movements, dance and interaction with the light sources.


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