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Father and son have to catch a lion in order to save themselves from the approaching war. Inspired by true events.


Jonathan and his son Emile are stranded in the middle of the minefield and the only way out lies in catching a lion escaped from the circus. According to the circus master, they can trap the lion only by playing a special musical piece on a piano. Since there is no piano around, Jonathan will have to use all of his skills and imagination to find one and even put his life at risk in order to ‘catch the lion’.

‘Catching a lion’ is film that deals with human rights and the right to live in a mine free world. It’s also a tool that continues to raise awareness about more than 3 million land mines still buried in the grounds of Ex-Yugoslavia which are left over from the 1990’s war. The film is inspired by true events and director’s personal experience with the mentioned war.

The film was shot on 35mm and was sponsored by Kodak, Arri and Technicolor.


TV rights for Italy, Switzerland and Malta have been acquired by Mediaset Italy.


Long list for JUTRA awards, finalist of Bell Media 2014 best film award.


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